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Wholeness Coaching

Transformation, Development, Wholeness 

Wholeness  Elevated

Wholeness refers to the whole-self, in a holistic sense.  Body, mind, and soul.  Elevated refers to the evolution of the whole-self…the growth and discovery that occurs during our processes of uncovering the greatness that exists within all of us.

Evolution is the process of transforming from one form into a more efficient way of being. Evolution happens one experience, one lesson, one growth spirt at a time. Through this process, we are unbecoming everything that isn’t us and allowing our true selves to shine. It is a process of establishing and cultivating new neural pathways–new bridges between where we are and where we want to be. Like dirt paths, the more we use our new neural connections, the faster and stronger they become. They become cemented as part of our way of being. As our thoughts change, so do our actions, then behaviors. After a few months, a year, maybe a few years, we are unrecognizable to our former self. We are light; free from the dark, twisted, heavy walls we once had around ourselves. We thought our walls were protecting us when really, they were imprisoning us and keeping us from light, from love, from life. It may be terrifying and sometimes paralyzing; yet we can only grow by leaning in to the discomfort and breathing through it.

The process of developing myself has given me a passion for this kind of work and learning.  I actually light up with new ideas and excitement when doing this work, both with myself and with others.  I wanted a place to share my ideas, new insights, books and resources, and experiences through my evolution.  I want to cultivate an environment that may inspire others to start their own evolution of wholeness.  I am a spiritual gangster.  I inspire and facilitate the evolution of others in mind, body, and soul.

Wholeness  Coaching

You are a beautiful being with unlimited possibilities about you.  You deserve to live a life full of happiness, ease, and light.  Stop resigning to life just as it is and take the leap into the the world of your dreams!  

In Wholeness Coaching, I will work one-on-one with you in a comfortable and personalized setting.  We will create a vision and goals for you and your life.  We will explore what blocks you have and learn ways to navigate through them.  This is not your average Coaching work.  Together we will embark upon a journey of life transformation and evolution.  You ARE ready now!  

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